It’s an exciting time in the life of our church…a new year with lots of exciting new opportunities. One of the tremendous ministry opportunities that exists for all who call OCF home is our “Meals Team.” The Meals Team is a group of people who have signed up to help provide others with meals during needy times (ex. Birth of a Child or Death in the family). This Group is coordinated by Jill Ceragioli who recently described the group in this way

“I really believe there is something very special that occurs when we take the time to share a meal with others, as you all so faithfully do. Obviously Christ did as well, considering the numerous times in the Bible where He, Lord of Lords, took the time to make sure that others were nourished. And I will say, I believe the value and the blessing of our sacrifice increases exponentially for the recipient and ourselves, when we take the time to feed a stranger. When we nourish physical needs, we also nourish spiritual ones as well. I just wanted to say this, because I want you each to know how valued you are, not only to me, OCF, recipients that we may have known for years or may be meeting for the first time with our casseroles in hand and smiles on our faces, but to our Father. You are cherished and loved, so THANK YOU!! “

– Jill Ceragioli (Coordinator of OCF Meals Team)

We could use your help with this exciting ministry. If you are willing to be on a list of people who will be called into action when there is a need, then please contact Jill at