OCF is selling Church bonds to fund the construction of our new building. Church bonds may be purchased with retirement or other investment funds you have available. This enables you to plan for your needs, while helping the church at the same time. The sale of these bonds is being handled by Security Church Finance, Inc.

Security Church Finance Home Office
14615 Benfer Road • Houston, Texas 77069281-893-1390 www.churchbonds.com


Here is a downloadable PDF that shows the entire bond offering.

Bonds are subject to availability.



1. Read Through all the Common Questions below.

2. Decide the term length of bonds and whether simple interest or compounding interest bonds are best for you.

3. let us know your interest by emailing staff@ocfjax.com. There will be one more opportunity for signing up in person for loans.


What are church bonds?
Church bonds are certificates of indebtedness issued by churches as nonprofit organizations to provide funds for the acquisition of property, building expansion, or debt retirement. They offer a church an alternative to conventional lending sources.

How does a bond program work?
In an official action, the church votes to issue and sell bonds. The bonds may be sold to the members and friends of the church, as well as to outside investors. The church uses the proceeds from the bond issue for the purposes set out in the prospectus. Essentially, the church borrows the money it needs from its members and friends, rather than from a conventional lending institution. To the extent that members buy the bonds, the interest the church pays goes to the members.

What is the church’s obligation?
The church makes a monthly payment into a “Bond Sinking Fund” account with a Paying Agent. It also promises to keep the property that secures the debt maintained and insured.

What is a Paying Agent?
A Paying Agent is a financial institution, such as a bank or trust company that receives payments from the church, and pays principal and interest to the bondholders as it comes due.

How is the interest paid?
Interest is paid in one of two ways:
(1) Simple Interest Bonds pay quarterly or semiannually by check.
(2) Compound Interest Bonds pay all interest and principal when the bond matures. Interest is compounded semiannually.

Is the interest paid on the bonds taxable?
Yes. Income earned on church bonds must be reported as interest income. Simple interest is declared as income in the year received. Interest on compound interest bonds is declared as it accrues each year.

How will I know how much to report?
The Paying Agent will send you an IRS Form 1099 each year, showing you the interest earnings to report on your tax return.

What if I move?
Always notify the Paying Agent if your address changes. Checks, tax forms, and other notices will be mailed to your address of record.

What if my bond is lost, stolen, or destroyed?
Your bond will be registered in “book entry” form on the records of the Paying Agent. The Acknowledgement of Book Entry certificate you receive is not negotiable, and is merely provided as a record of your investment. You will not need to return it for payment when your bond matures.

When do the bonds mature?
Bonds mature according to a fixed maturity schedule, usually at six- month intervals over a prescribed number of years. Investors get to select the maturity date that best fits their investment needs.

Can I cash my bond any time I choose?
No. The Issuer is not obligated to pay or “cash” a bond until the time set for its maturity. However, you may sell your bond at any time by finding a person who will buy it at a price agreeable to both parties. You may contact Security Church Finance, Inc. for assistance if you wish to sell your bond.

Can the church pay my bond before it matures?
Yes. The church may redeem any or all of the bonds before maturity by giving fifteen days written notice to the owner.

Can I invest in church bonds through an IRA?
Yes. A Self-Directed IRA will allow you to direct an investment in church bonds. Compound Interest bonds are often selected for this type of tax-deferred plan.

Is my investment secure?
Church bonds are secured by a mortgage on certain real property of the issuing church. Study the prospectus for complete details.

Will I pay a commission when I purchase church bonds?
No. The issuing church pays all commissions and fees. You only pay the actual face value of the bond you purchase.

Church bonds are sold by prospectus only, and this brochure is neither an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Church bonds are unrated, and a higher interest rate may indicate a higher degree of risk. Church bonds are potentially illiquid. An investment in church bonds may result in a loss of principal in the event the Issuer defaults. For a complete list of risk factors, please read the prospectus.